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We’re pleased to say that the latest edition of Talk About Epping has come back from the printers and will be landing on the doormats of residents over the next few weeks as our small army of volunteers brave the monsoon weather to get them out.

We’ve put some effort into updating the look and feel of the magazine to hopefully make it a more attractive publication and we will be working hard to improve the production values further with magazine quality articles of interest to people in the Town. ┬áIn this edition, we have a round up of the Christmas events in the Town, usual local organisations and events and a really interesting piece about a former Epping resident!

We hope you enjoy it. Please do let us have your feedback and if there are any local clubs, societies, organisations or any budding writers, local historians or anyone who has anything to contribute that might be of interest to local people, please do get in touch and drop us a line