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The Town Council has reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the Monday Market on July 7th, the day Stage 3 of the Tour de France will be passing through the Town.  After receipt of the draft travel and crowd management plan, it became obvious that if the organisers were expecting up to 6,000 people to watch the event from the Market place, there would be no possibility the market could be held.

Essex County Council own the Market place (it is part of the public highway) and they are organising the road closures in conjunction with the event organisers.

The Town Council will be seeking compensation from the Organisers for the loss of the Market on July 7thImage


In June it will be 70 years since the loss with all hands of HMS Sickle, the warship adopted by the towns of Epping and Harlow during warship week in 1942.

The people of Epping,  Harlow and villages raised £176,000 to sponsor the vessel, which was commissioned in December 1942.  Sickle spent most of her active service in the Mediterranean. The stories of her patrols during the war have been collated by local historian John Duffel, and and can be found here [click here]

The Town Council, Epping Forest District Museum, St John’s Church and the British Legion are organising events on June 18th to mark the 70th anniversary of the loss, which will include:

  • A one day exhibition of the history of the Sickle to be held at Epping Hall
  • A memorial service to be held in St John’s Church; and
  • Providing a permanent memorial plaque for the men of Sickle, to be placed in the Garden of Remembrance at St John’s Church with the Civilian Memorial so that respects can be paid each and every Remembrance Sunday.

The Town Council has agreed to underwrite the cost of the plaque, but it is hoped that the costs will be met by public subscription.


HM S/M Sickle