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Back in May there was barely a mention in the media of the historic elections to London’s first ever parish council in Queen’s Park, Westminster. To be expected really given their obsession with what would happen to UKIP and the Liberal Democrats in the European elections and how many London’s borough councils would turn red.

But the same might happen again next year, when the vast majority of parish council elections are potentially held on the same day as the General Election.While there is always stiff competition to get into Parliament, this isn’t always the case for the first tier of Government. And this concerns me. A lot.

Just over two years ago my colleague Danny Moody from the Northamptonshire Association of Local Councils wrote a guest post on their efforts to promote local democracy in the county and some important points about holding public office at a very local level. Well he’s been at it again, this time with a brilliant piece for his county eUpdate (their newsletter) on…

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