Council discussed proposals for improvements to the Ivy Chimneys Play Area at Tuesday’s meeting.  The proposals were to spend the £40,000 of section 106 money from the redevelopment of the Spotted Dog to provide improved facilities in the Playground.

The items that had been quoted for included:

  • an inclusive (flat to ground) roundabout;
  • A see-saw
  • Hanging Spinners
  • New cradle swing set to replace the existing 50 year old one
  • A basket, cradle or team swing (like the one at Stonards Hill)
  • A ball game
  • Some teen/ adult outdoor gym equipment outside the fenced play area
  • New safety gates on the play area entrances
  • Provision of a tarmac path from the Ivy Chimneys Rd gate into the play area (to join up with the tarmac pad where the roundabout was proposed near the bench)

Council decided a number of things:

  1. They didn’t want to provide the adult outdoor gym equipment but wanted to focus on the child play area
  2. They wanted to invest some additional funding above and beyond the £40k to make further improvements
  3. They wanted to seek additional grant funding from Essex County Council to further increase the available budget
  4. They wanted to consult more with the Ivy Chimneys School and the local residents
  5. They felt more should be invested in the wet pour (i.e. the surfacing) to provide hop scotch etc and an all weather play area.

The Clerk will be writing to local residents and contacting the School for more views about the playground but the consultation starts now! So if you are an Epping resident who uses the Ivy Chimneys playground (or your children/ grandchildren do) please get in touch and tell us what you would like us to provide for you


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One response to “IVY CHIMNEYS PLAY AREA”

  1. Danny says :

    Any proposal that increases the number of children able to have access to the play area is very bad thing for the residents of Ivy Chimneys. Parking is a constant and persistent issue and should be considered along side any proposal to ‘revamp’ the play ground. A constant issue not being able to move down Ivy chimneys during school drop off time, let alone the school pick up in the summer when the parents that drive a mile or so blocking up the road parking dangerously and generally being and all round nuisance stopping residents actually being able to park within 2 roads of their house. the police and parking enforcement officer’s never visit the road during these times but very conveniently visit shortly after. To consider increasing the scale and scope of the play area without considering parking is irresponsible of the Council, the school and police and should be a combined effort to consider the large negative impact on residents. this isn’t the first time these points have been raised by me and neighbours to the council, councillors and police, so don’t expect any views to be considered this time around!

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