As most residents will be aware (unless you have been hiding from all media coverage, in which case I congratulate you for finding your way here) there will be a mini-sprint stage of the Tour de France on 7th July that has it’s climax (and the finish line!) at the Plaza (by the water fountain) in the High Street.

Epping is expected to have several thousand spectators watching the sprint in the market place and along the Town Greens – it promises to be an exciting and memorable day for the whole town, but it will not be without disruption- the Town Council is able to provide some more information about the arrangements on the day:

  • North Weald Market will take place as usual on Saturday 5th July
  • Epping Town Show will take place on Sunday 6th July – there should be no disruption caused by the Tour that will affect it.
  • As was announced last week, the Monday market is cancelled on 7th July.  The Town Council has made a request to Epping Forest District Council that no street trading licences be issued on the day so as not to further disadvantage market traders and we are pleased to report that the District Council have granted this request.  We have also asked Essex County Council to consider deploying Trading Standards on the day to deal with any sellers of counterfeit Tour memorabilia that may target Epping for the event.
  • Road Closures – The entire route was originally going to be closed from 7.30 in the morning on July 7th.  Thanks to lobbying from the District Council, organisers have agreed to push that time back to 9am along the route south of the Talbot roundabout, which will lessen the disruption for Epping to some degree.  The roads are not going to re-open until 5 pm, however.  There will be much more detail about the closures and diversion routes coming in the next couple of months.
  • Although the High Street closed to all traffic, there will be 5 crossing points for pedestrians open for the majority of the day to allow movement around the Town.  These will obviously be closed when the caravan of the race comes through.
  • The organisers will be providing toilet facilities for spectators in Epping, exact numbers and location to be confirmed.
  • There are no plans for “big screens” in Epping.
  • The District Council is looking into provision of cycle storage in Epping, and the possibility of a “Park and Walk” scheme for people who want to see the Tour in North Weald.  Access to North Weald Airfield will be possible on the day via J7 and the A414.  The A414 will be closed between the Rayley Lane roundabout and the Talbot, however.
  • Schools – each school will make its own decision as to whether or not to open on the day.  The Town Council will publicise this when it has the information.
  • Essex County Council are maintaining an FAQ for residents and visitors concerning the Tour.  It can be found at 

Please share your views/ thoughts about the visit of the World’s largest free spectator sporting event!


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