One of the items of business Council had to consider this week was what to do about the Mayoral Chain of Office.

The Chain is the Civic Regalia of the Town Mayor but was previously the chain of the former Epping Urban District Council, which was abolished (with all other Urban District Councils) in 1974 when the District Councils were created.  It was the Chairman’s Chain of Office from 1894 until 1973 and when the Town Council was created in 1974 (along with the office of Town Mayor) it became the Mayor’s chain of Office.

The chain and the office are synonymous: The only thing that marks a Town Mayor is the chain and the present Town Mayor has remarked that when the Mayor is invited to Civic functions “it’s the Chain that’s been invited, not me”.

The Chain has been engraved with the name (and term of office) of every Chairman of Epping Urban District Council and every Town Mayor from 1974 to date.  The problem facing Council is that they have run out of tablets to engrave names on to! The Town Council had to decide whether to add extra links to the chain to enable this tradition to continue and how many to add.

Their decision was to add 20 links, which will have enough space for the next 40 years


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